From Laurie Hawkins:


lauriehawkinsOur story is one that probably would resonate with many of your customers. We are a household with four kids in those “taxi cab” years. We spend most of our time between rinks and fields, while also both being career parents. We’ve created duties for each of our children so they have responsibilities to keep our house in order and yet, everything just never gets done. We do the mad dash of “low level” cleaning so that our house is acceptable but it’s never really CLEAN. Until we found you and your team. You have given us freedom and peace! The guilt of not getting everything done has gone away and been replaced with the feeling of knowing that our home is beautiful and clean.

My husband and I were commenting how we have these “little projects” around the house that just never get done. Simple things like a cabinet that has needed fixed for over 2 years and had the parts sitting underneath it or some quotes that I had bought when we moved in over a year ago and were still in a box. Well, now with Peggy and her team’s help of keeping our house cleaned, we have had time to do those irritating jobs and we feel awesome. We’ve been so much more productive!!!

Peggy and her team are thorough, friendly and just plain awesome. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for more freedom and peace in your life. Thank you for creating such an “ahhhh” when we walk through our front door after you have been here!

Clean Kitchen
Clean Kitchen