Peggy BrennemanPEGGY’S CLEAN TEAM is cleaning up London, Ontario – one residence at a time. Owned and operated by Peggy Brenneman, a “dynamic domestic,” who has been an entrepreneur at heart all her life.

Beginning at the age of 10, Peggy went to work for herself picking dew worms and selling them to out of town fishermen coming to Port Stanley to fish…and was hooked on entrepreneurship.

Even while holding down a stressful job as a law clerk for 20 years, Peggy always had something going on the side part-time, whether it was selling Avon or Tupperware, creating gift baskets through her company Scenic Gift Baskets, or sewing through her venture, My Needle N Thread. Peggy knew she was chasing her dream of being her own boss – full time.

In 2008, her dream became a reality when she opened “The Dynamic Domestic” residential cleaning service full time…and she hasn`t looked back.

By 2013, Peggy’s business had expanded and re-branded to PEGGY’S CLEAN TEAM as her staff grew in line with her growing clientele.

Peggy has a passion for everything domestic. She loves to clean – and to witness the impact a clean home has on her clients’ lives. She loves to sew – and iron – so helps her clients with laundry and mending when needed. And now she’s created a team of “Peggy’s” who have the same enthusiasm and passion for delivering exceptional services…and she continues to grow through referrals – the biggest compliment she can receive.

Members of PEGGY’S CLEAN TEAM have been carefully hand picked and professionally trained by Peggy to ensure their customers’ expectations are exceeded every time. They enjoy their work and it shows in everything they do.

Staff at PEGGY’S CLEAN TEAM is fully bonded and insured and undergo police background checks.

Peggy understands inviting a cleaning company into your home is a big decision. She chooses her team with the same care you take in selecting a home cleaning service.